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Ishikawa Giken Kogyo's Technology

We realize high quality based on advanced technology and relentless research and development.

We are committed to accurately grasping the needs of an increasingly diverse and complex society, always producing satisfactory and perfect products, and expanding into new fields with new materials.

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Facilities & Equipment

In 1971, we developed Japan's first stainless steel clad pipe technology using electric welding.
With a variety of facilities and equipment to support the technology, we are now able to build high-quality products.

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Our Products

The stainless steel pipes produced by Ishikawa Giken Kogyo are
welded stainless steel pipes made by roll forming (shaping) stainless steel strip.

ICS Pipe

The beautiful form and elegant luster
creates a simply sophisticated and beautiful space.

Stainless steel pipe

Quality improvement with the latest technology,
and strict adherence to deadlines are the motto of Ishikawa Giken.

ICS Pipe Cut Series

Choose the one that best suits your needs. The world of pipes is expanding with a wide variety of applications.

IG Stainless steel pipe cut product

Transformable according to the application. High quality and durability make this series ideal for bending and welding.

ICS elliptical pipe

This oval pipe fits easily in the hands of everyone from small children to the elderly.

IG elliptical pipe

This is an all stainless steel oval pipe that gives birth to a luxurious and particular design.

Stainless steel square pipe

The quality of all stainless steel and the unique use of square pipes greatly expands the range of items.



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Based on advanced technology and continuous research and development, we provide our customers with "reliable and good products".
If you are interested in "world-class manufacturing", why don't you work with us?

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