Greetings to our future customers

Greetings to our future customers

As you all know, with the recent improvement of lifestyle culture, the demand for
stainless steel pipe is rapidly growing. Additionally, I believe it’s role will become
more important in the future. We are the pioneer developer of stainless steel clad
pipe technology using electric welding since 1971. It’s name became famous in
the industry as ICS pipe.
This decorative pipe, with its iron core and stainless steel outer covering, brought
about a revolution in cost performance. In response to a wide variety of customer’s needs, and an increasing demand, our solid stainless steel piping has also
been performing well in the market.
We are working in unity following these three mottos-

  1.  Reliable products
  2.  Continuous Research
  3.  Contributing to society
    through ethical business practices

We look forward to serving you through our products and services.

Company President and CEO
Kenya Hayashi

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