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ICS Pipe

The beautiful form and elegant luster
creates a simply sophisticated and beautiful space.


ICS Pipe is a stainless steel clad pipe consisting of carbon steel pipe for machine structural use made by an automatic high-frequency welding machine, and an ultra-thin-walled (0.1 mm) stainless steel strip SICS Pipe Application 1_340_680US304 (18Cr-8Ni) adhered to the outer surface, and the overlapped portions welded together by a seam welding method. The stainless steel surface is polished to #400.
The stainless steel surface has a #400 polished finish, which is very beautiful in appearance and has a heavier and more elegant luster than plated pipes.
The welded joints of the outer stainless steel are completely welded and also welded to the inner steel pipe, so it can be used as an integrated pipe and is almost equal to an all stainless steel pipe.
The price is lower than that of all stainless steel pipes.


Car, train, bus, etc. Net shelves, ceiling grip pipes, handrails, seat frames
Buildings, department stores, public buildings Stair rails, grip bars, protective shelves, wall shelves, entrance/exit guide posts
store Product display shelves, partitions, partitions, impulse stands, stand components, window protection pipes, and various other interior decoration and display materials
general household Various shelves for home use, stair rails, drying poles, hangers and shelves in closets, closets, and storage rooms
Various machinery and equipment parts Steel furniture, electrical appliances, food industry equipment, medical equipment

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Product Types and Standards

outer diameter(㎜) thickness(㎜) Standard length(㎜)
9.5 0.8 3,650 4,000
13.0 1.0 3,650 4,000
16.0 1.0 3,650 4,000
19.0 1.0 3,650 4,000
22.0 1.0
25.0 1.0 3,650 4,000
28.7 1.2 4,000
32.0 1.2 3,650 4,000
38.0 1.2 3,650 4,000

For dimensions (outer diameter, thickness, length) other than those in this table, please contact us.

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