Our Technology


We realize high quality based on advanced technology and relentless research and development.

Our aim is to accurately grasp the needs of an increasingly diverse and complex society, to constantly manufacture convincing and perfect products,
and to expand the field with new materials.
We are constantly engaged in research and development to stay at the forefront of our times, have reliable technology backed up by a wealth of experience, and state-of-the-art facilities that incorporate computers.
These factors interact to produce a wide variety of products.
In addition, all employees are actively involved in establishing a total management system from order receipt to shipment, including a prompt, error-free production system, a strict checking system to ensure the elimination of defective products, and a total management system, and work daily to ensure high product quality, cost reduction and reliable delivery.
Our products are manufactured in a beautiful natural environment and are produced while protecting that environment.
With a focus on people's lives and the future in mind, our pipelines are expanding from here to the rest of the world.

Various equipment supporting technology

universal testing machine

Mechanical properties of materials can be measured, such as tensile length, proof stress, and yield point of pipes.

hardness tester

Measures Vickers hardness of weld metal or base metal part.

circularness meter

The measuring element is placed in contact with the surface of the pipe and rotated to measure changes in circumferential roundness.


Metallographic structures can be magnified up to 1000 times for observation.

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