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Licence of use

About SDS

SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet.

The SDS contains the names of chemical substances, their physical and chemical properties, hazards, and precautions for handling, and is intended to provide information on the management of chemical substances.

With the enforcement of the "Act on Confirmation, etc. of Release Amounts of Specific Chemical Substances in the Environment and Promotion of their Management (PRTR Law)," businesses that transfer or provide chemical substances (or products containing such substances) are required to ) When trading such substances between companies, information on the nature and handling of such substances (SDS) must be provided.

SDS is posted on our website.

Download and save as needed. Please check the SDS before use and handle the product properly.

How to Issue SDS

According to the METI Law, SDS shall be provided in writing or on a magnetic disk (floppy disk) as a general rule, but fax, e-mail transmission, and posting on a website, which are common means of information transmission, are also permitted depending on the circumstances of the other party. Transactions will be deemed to constitute agreement to such methods.

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